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Who is CAMPing now?

A7 Design is a company specialized in manufacturing engineering. A7 has developed a system of remote support adapted to the industrial environment which makes it possible to connect all the participants of a factory and to replicate their interactions as if they were face to face. This audio-visual communication system, unique on the market, greatly increases business efficiency by reducing travel and allowing remote work that was traditionally not possible or difficult to achieve.

AITera will offer artificial intelligence applications, socially / economically and sustainable solutions for soil and groundwater decontamination. Its next-generation decision support tool based on a growing global knowledge corpus of millions of research and environmental reporting articles, as well as thousands of reported decontamination cases.

Alfred is the new approach to wine management and appreciation, intimately combining technology and networking, algorithms and expert advice in the stewardship and overall valuation of your cellar, your inventories, your purchases and your wine sales.

Beyond Fun Studio is a start-up video game studio located in Quebec City made up of three experienced, talented and passionate developers. Their games are defined by their accessibility, being short games with a lot of replayability and a colorful and charming art direction.

Right now, Beyond Fun Studio is working on Aeolis Tournament, a multiplayer party game with many game modes based on a unique mechanic. The prototype won the 2019 Catapulte program and the 2018 Pixel Challenge.

As a college technology transfer center (CCTT) affiliated with the Cégep de Matane, CDRIN’s mission is to offer companies research and development services, technical assistance, specialized training, value-added production and training. support for innovation. CDRIN is positioning itself in the valorization of digital imaging technologies favoring creativity and productivity.


CRZUS is an app and a prepaid card to teach young people the value of money while providing their parents with a simple, secure and supervised tool to transform pocket money into practical life lessons

Doptim is a technology company specialized in Data. We deliver projects in a pragmatic way, with diagnostic, data structuration, AI models and secured Smart Data Platforms to make our Customers gain time and money when leveraging own data and open data., the solution of E-Sim Solutions, offers a collaborative approach applied to multi-disciplinary modeling and simulation for complex systems design in the engineering domain. E-Sim Solutions breaks down silos and isolation by promoting communication and collaboration between the various interdisciplinary teams. Based on an innovative co-simulation engine, InSystemLab is the most efficient simulation platform for your engineering projects.

Fonds Innovexport comprises fifteen experienced entrepreneurs, as well as the Government of Quebec represented by Investissement Québec, the fonds espace cdpq de la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, and Fondaction CSN. They all work together to support the establishment of innovative businesses with the potential of becoming global leaders. Fonds Innovexport also receives financial support from the Economic Development Strategy of the City of Quebec.

e-nundation, Geosapiens' leading product, is a tool that produces detailed surveys of potentially flooded areas and floodwater depths at the building scale. It also provides an accurate assessment of the risk and consequences of flooding on buildings and infrastructures. e-nundation can be used as an information tool for citizens, civil security specialists and professionals in the insurance and real estate sectors.

Gestion-Traiteur's mission is to simplify caterers' lives with our online software solution that optimizes, simplifies their management operations and makes them profitable. Our intelligent, efficient and easy-to-use management tools automate their sales, production, logistics and administration processes. Gestion-Traiteur has THE solution to allow caterers to focus on their passion!

GoSeeYou the ultimate dating accelerator is a mobile app created here in the old capital and idealized by Mélanie Trudel the founder of Célibataire Québec. GoSeeYou stands out with its unique and free exclusive options. GoSeeYou targets serious singles and is available worldwide on Apple Store and Google Play.

Inno-centre is one of Canada’s leading consulting-service providers to innovative Canadian SMBs. Services provided include marketing and business strategies, financial strategies, trade agreements and intellectual property and human resources.

Mixa Vision is a Canadian company who specializes in events and immersive multimedia. We use technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. We create distinctive experiences for all types of organizations. Our know-how provides three benefits. First of all, we improve the quality of customer experience. Also, we increase revenues from these experiences. Finally, we reduce implementation costs. We search always for simplicity and efficiency, while respecting the brand consistency. Hence, your audience will be marveled. And so will you!

People Connection are content and innovative technology aggregators for mobile devices.
At the same time, They integrate and develop technological solutions that simplify day-to-day activities for companies and individuals.

People Connection took entrepreneurship as a key element to face the digital technology revolution. That is why the company has innovated, to bring users a diversity of products designed to be more competitive in the market they're operating and to become visionaries through the products and services they offer.

Qohash provides enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions designed to detect data manipulation attacks. Our team is comprised of industry veterans with a track record of delivering state of the art solutions and peace of mind to serious clients.

Visao develops and integrates interactive sales and marketing applications specifically for manufacturing companies. Based in Quebec City, the multidisciplinary team of programmers, 3D modelers, designers and marketing communication strategists offers digital solutions that simplify the demonstration and development of complex products.

OfficiumLIVE allows entrepreneurs and self-employed workers to reduce their work hours, increase their productivity and spend more time with their families by answering their customer and prospects phone calls and simplifying their bookkeeping. The team brings together as many innovators in the field of technology as in  the human field to free today’s entrepreneurs and those of tomorrow.

Ex-CAMPer testimonies

We were completely taken in by the warmth and enthusiasm of the area’s players and by all Québec has to offer. The team at LE CAMP and Québec International really helped us integrate the Québec community, particularly thanks to their coaching, their knowledge of the ecosystem and their soft landing service. I’d like to thank the whole team at Québec International!

Swen Vincke, Larian Studios

QI’s LE CAMP isn’t simply a technology business incubator, but a launching point for any business striving to become a part of this highly stimulating and performing ecosystem.

Charles-Hubert Déry, Budgeto

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