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Who is CAMPing now?

Ai-Genetika is a Québec-based venture for advancing human health, the team is developing an algorithm designed to monitor and interpret a wide spectrum of biomarkers reflecting the health and environment of an individual, to provide personal predictions and prevention for influencing life choices and quality.

AITera will offer artificial intelligence applications, socially / economically and sustainable solutions for soil and groundwater decontamination. Its next-generation decision support tool based on a growing global knowledge corpus of millions of research and environmental reporting articles, as well as thousands of reported decontamination cases.

AKUR8 is the only solution on the market that reconciles machine learning and transparent models (GLMs). The tool is revolutionizing insurance pricing with transparent AI, in particular by dividing the modeling time of insurers by 10 and improving their loss ratio by 2% to 4%.

Solution Aleop Inc. is a joint-stock company created in 2018 whose head office in Québec. Its mission is to develop and market real-time management tools to facilitate the administration of paperwork and help business managers make informed decisions.

Alfred is the new approach to wine management and appreciation, intimately combining technology and networking, algorithms and expert advice in the stewardship and overall valuation of your cellar, your inventories, your purchases and your wine sales.

BioMark is a Canadian based company that is developing its advanced stage cancer diagnostic business. BioMark’s cancer diagnostics technology platform leverages Omics, radiomics and machine learning which  allows for early cancer detection. BioMark is currently focused on bringing its cancer diagnostic kits and detection solution to commercialization standards and hopes to commence distribution once clinical trials are complete and regulatory acceptance is obtained.

Dispo! is a mobile application that comes to the rescue of employers suffering the hard effects of the labor shortage. Entirely developed in Québec City, Dispo! connects employers from the restaurant, hotel, tourism and event industries with pre-qualified temporary employees, and takes care of everything right down to payroll processing.

DOmedic offers a web and mobile app running on a tablet that oversees the administration of medication in retirement homes (RH) and long term care facilities (LTC) of all kinds. xPill PRO used in RH-LTC by nurses and beneficiary attendants digitizes and secures the drug administration cycle by eliminating the very high risks of errors associated with the manual (and paper) process for multi-medication patients and residents. The xPill PRO tool is connected in real time with all community pharmacies in Quebec through a unique and secure interface. This interface is certified with all pharmacy chains and banners, not only ensures an always up-to-date pharmacological profile for RH and LTC, but also provides visibility and full traceability of all activities related to drug administration, both from the RH-LTC and from the pharmacy point of view.

Fika Productions is an independent video game studio with the mission to create good times by bringing people together. The studio is currently developing Ship of Fools, a cooperative roguelike game set in a nautical world, for which it has been the winner of the Grand final of the CATAPULTE 2020 program.

e-nundation, Geosapiens' leading product, is a tool that produces detailed surveys of potentially flooded areas and floodwater depths at the building scale. It also provides an accurate assessment of the risk and consequences of flooding on buildings and infrastructures. e-nundation can be used as an information tool for citizens, civil security specialists and professionals in the insurance and real estate sectors.

LPER is a complete and reliable web platform that directly connects the LPER (the service provider) and the service requestor.

The main goal here is to put the HUMAN forward and allow him to quickly create an interactive profile according to his conditions, his availability, his skills and talents, and his geographical location.

What makes the real difference is the direct, almost instantaneous, and coordinated relationship between the two parties. All it takes is a few clicks and a few questions to find the ideal job or Lper

Specialized in the processing of data sequences, Neuraxio helps companies integrate AI into their daily activities in order to automate, optimize and improve their processes and operations. Neuraxio analyzes users' transaction histories in order to predict their future purchases, for targeted marketing purposes.

Nexus Robotics helps farmers by providing them an autonomous weeding solution integrating sensors and AI that significantly reduces herbicide use, eliminates weeding labour, and helps to improve yields.

Pyxweb is an IT agency creating  web and mobile applications.

Pyxweb also sales Mobyloo, a solution  which helps create optimized route plannings for vehicles.

Route optimization and planning can save more than 30% in fuel costs and contributes to reduce greenhouse gases.

Shapeshift 3D develops software that digitize and automate the customization of medical, protective and sports equipment to enable a new manufacturing era in which wearables are better at improving quality of life, more affordable, and produced sustainably.

Urban agriculture for indoor living spaces.
Systèmes VIREO is all about bringing people closer to nature through an ecological and sustainable approach. It’s about integrating urban agriculture to any civilian buildings and contributing to cities’ innovation for greener and modern spaces. Did you know we spend over 80% of our days indoor? A green and luminous hydroponic garden in a living, working or learning area, leads to wellness, healthier eating habits and eco-responsibility. IOT and AI give nature a new voice and make it part of our daily lives.

Ex-CAMPer testimonies

We were completely taken in by the warmth and enthusiasm of the area’s players and by all Québec has to offer. The team at LE CAMP and Québec International really helped us integrate the Québec community, particularly thanks to their coaching, their knowledge of the ecosystem and their soft landing service. I’d like to thank the whole team at Québec International!

Swen Vincke, Larian Studios

QI’s LE CAMP isn’t simply a technology business incubator, but a launching point for any business striving to become a part of this highly stimulating and performing ecosystem.

Charles-Hubert Déry, Budgeto

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