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The Québec City region has a rich technology-based entrepreneurial ecosystem featuring hundreds of startups in a variety of sectors. We also get support from numerous big players with ties to the ecosystem, including a network of about a hundred businesses and local and international organizations that support entrepreneurship. In addition we have a network of experts and high-level mentors who provide the knowledge and support our startups need to thrive and survive.

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We connect EdTechs and Startups to professionals in education with our ARÉN+, a streamer solution.

Création et diffusion de formations en ligne sur les réalités autochtones

AITera will offer artificial intelligence applications, socially / economically and sustainable solutions for soil and groundwater decontamination. Its next-generation decision support tool based on a growing global knowledge corpus of millions of research and environmental reporting articles, as well as thousands of reported decontamination cases.

Alfred technologies is the new approach to wine management and appreciation, intimately combining technology and networking, algorithms and expert advice in the stewardship and overall valuation of your cellar, your inventories, your purchases and your wine sales.

Animora is a company whose mission is the well-being and health of pets. With the help of their various fields of expertise, Animora develop and market innovative products in animal health, like their Cranberry Dental Gel.

AYOS develops innovative and sustainable disease detection processes in soybeans for agricultural laboratories to enable producers to know precisely which genetics are best suited to their environment.

BioMark is a Canadian based company that is developing its advanced stage cancer diagnostic business. 

BioTwin combines various health data with artificial intelligence to create personalized and comprehensive profiles that can improve wellness and healthcare decisions.

Plateforme dédiée aux infirmières privées, spécialisées en soins podologiques et en soins plaies, leur permettant d’offrir des produits orthopédiques prescrits.

The future of construction through digital finance

BoxoHub cible des produits importés à fort potentiel sur les places de marché en ligne puis offre une alternative écologique fabriquée localement par notre réseau de manufacturiers aux consommateurs des États-Unis et du Canada.

Solution intelligente de pré-qualification et d’analyse de la clientèle B2B

CoeurWay offre une plateforme (SaaS) qui permet aux professionnels de la santé préventive de se focaliser sur l'aspect humain de leur pratique, soit aider leurs patients.

CMsd collecte, analyse et rends disponible à ses clients l'ensemble des transactions immobilière commerciale. 

Cyberswat Group offers a personalized cybersecurity diagnostic solution whose primary goal is to enable SMEs to improve their security posture. As a risk management platform (SaaS), the solution provides customers with a maximum of recommendations that are easy and quick to implement as well as a cybersecurity action plan in adapted language.

DOmedic offers a web and mobile app running on a tablet that oversees the administration of medication in retirement homes (RH) and long term care facilities (LTC) of all kinds. 

Elo's mission is to simplify mentoring for mentors and mentees as well as organizations and businesses. With the Elo mentoring platform, you can easily recruit and match participants, manage your mentoring program, and measure its performance. Elo provides a simple and intuitive experience for participants and managers.

Say hello to simplified mentoring. 

Espace Abeille conçoit et fabrique des équipements apicoles réinventés, adaptés aux besoins des apiculteurs pour optimiser leur pratique à son plein potentiel.

Ethnocare develops a range of prosthetic products that use the latest technologies to significantly improve the comfort of amputees, allowing a reduction in heat as well as a personalized dimensional adjustment.

Make a difference with simple, automated online auctions

Folks provides SMBs with powerful HR solutions adapted to their financial reality. Beyond being a software rooted in your culture, Folks is a dynamic partner that cares about your business’s success. 

GeoMate is a mapping service that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and geospatial technology to analyze near real-time safety and accessibility of cities. GeoMate provides safer local travel for everyone traveling by foot or wheelchair.

GPHY sets itself apart by developing innovative smart energy solutions. Their first technology developed, Elia, is a breakthrough technology in the field of wireless energy transfer.

HappyColis is the logistics of the biggest for all e-merchants.

HerbiaEra develop and commercialize horticultural innovations that allow homeowners with limited time, space and knowledge to grow effortlessly all year round. They promote HomeFarming through connected indoor planters, turnkey smart pod and a mobile application !

Solutions technologiques adaptées au nettoyage de zones polluées par le plastique

Applicateur de déodorant rechargeable

Provide sports organizations with an efficient management solution that generates time savings of approximately 50%, increases their revenues and provides their users with a unique interactive experience.

Landerz offre des services de courtage et des solutions de données spécialisées dans les transactions de terrains aux développeurs et investisseurs immobiliers afin d'éclairer leur prise de décision.

Digital Platform to Improve the Patient Experience for Canadian Healthcare Institutions

Solutions financières sur demande (Assurances, placements) pour atteindre ses priorités

Plateforme de gestion des opérations pour organisations sportives offrant un environnement sain et sécuritaire pour les jeunes sportifs

Our mission is to help you discover the most beautiful chalets in Quebec, make them accessible and easy to rent.


Noos offers a unique SaaS solution for leveraging human intelligence through AI to promote and accelerate the achievement of objectives. Noos supports thinking and decision-making through a dynamic of continuous information and highly personalized monitoring, while proactively facilitating the sharing of knowledge and quality information and ensuring the capture of knowledge and sensemaking.

Omy has the desire to offer personalized facials adapted to the skin, in addition to prioritizing the well-being of customers through the use of natural ingredients. Using 3D skin analysis technology and the expertise of two seasoned cosmeticians, Omy offers you a world of possibilities. Choose effective, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly beauty products.

Oxio is the first internet provider you might actually like. They're here to change the way you think about the internet—not as a commitment but as a utility. They offer fair, sustainably priced internet across Canada. 

Plateforme d'automatisation des tâches, de gestion des horaires et des paies

Propulsion offers health and wellness services to businesses and organizations. Throughout a mobile application and corporate events, Propulsion helps businesses grow their productivity by betting on the health of their employees.

Solutions to help organizations in the field of sports and leisure to efficiently manage, among other things, registrations, payments, schedules, staff assignments and accounting in the context of the management of their groups and activities.

RapidBar helps companies in the restaurant business to save time and money by optimizing the management of their supply chain.

Application mobile et une plateforme web de gestion de projets en réalité augmentée

We enable real estate developers to maximize their return on investment by converting qualified prospects into buyers, thereby reducing their costs by accelerating the commercialization of their projects.

Technologies innovantes en cultures cellulaires pour aider les scientifiques dans la découverte et le développement de nouveaux médicaments

Shapeshift 3D develops software that digitize and automate the customization of medical, protective and sports equipment to enable a new manufacturing era in which wearables are better at improving quality of life, more affordable, and produced sustainably.

ShineX permet aux artistes, producteurs et autres acteurs de l'industrie musicale de suivre, vérifier et collecter leurs redevances provenant de SiriusXM.

Urban agriculture for indoor living spaces.
Systèmes VIREO is all about bringing people closer to nature through an ecological and sustainable approach. It’s about integrating urban agriculture to any civilian buildings and contributing to cities’ innovation for greener and modern spaces. Did you know we spend over 80% of our days indoor? A green and luminous hydroponic garden in a living, working or learning area, leads to wellness, healthier eating habits and eco-responsibility. IOT and AI give nature a new voice and make it part of our daily lives.

Synode est un logiciel de type SaaS permettant aux entreprises de créer sans personnel qualifié des présentations ou des guides d’assemblages interactifs.

Teameo is a tool 100% integrated within Microsoft Teams that allows administrative staff, teachers, and students alike to benefit from a better managed digital environment.

Collaborative platform for impact-minded travelers


Indie studio dedicated to the development of arcade-inspired 80s and 90s video games

Viridis Terra International brings together a multidisciplinary, innovative, and experienced team that specializes in the fields of ecosystem restoration and sustainable management to fight the global problem of land degradation.

Technologie utilisant l’imagerie, la spectrométrie et l’IA pour identifier et quantifier des biomarqueurs dans l’œil


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The LE CAMP team has mapped Québec City’s startup ecosystem to showcase the region’s entrepreneurial potential at the local, national, and international levels. The goal was to better position Québec businesses in various promising technology sectors and increase their visibility among potential investors and partners.

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