La région de Québec possède un riche écosystème entrepreneurial technologique formé de centaines de startups qui évoluent dans des domaines d’activités variés. Nous comptons également sur l’appui de plusieurs acteurs importants qui se greffent à cet écosystème, notamment un réseau de partenaires formés de centaines d’entreprises et d’organismes locaux et internationaux qui soutiennent l’entrepreneuriat. S’ajoute à cela un réseau d'experts et de mentors de haut niveau qui fournissent l'appui et les connaissances nécessaires à la croissance et la pérennité de nos startups.

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AITera will offer artificial intelligence applications, socially / economically and sustainable solutions for soil and groundwater decontamination. Its next-generation decision support tool based on a growing global knowledge corpus of millions of research and environmental reporting articles, as well as thousands of reported decontamination cases.

Alfred is the new approach to wine management and appreciation, intimately combining technology and networking, algorithms and expert advice in the stewardship and overall valuation of your cellar, your inventories, your purchases and your wine sales.

Animora is a company whose mission is the well-being and health of pets. With the help of their various fields of expertise, Animora develop and market innovative products in animal health, like their Cranberry Dental Gel.

BioMark is a Canadian based company that is developing its advanced stage cancer diagnostic business. BioMark’s cancer diagnostics technology platform leverages Omics, radiomics and machine learning which  allows for early cancer detection. BioMark is currently focused on bringing its cancer diagnostic kits and detection solution to commercialization standards and hopes to commence distribution once clinical trials are complete and regulatory acceptance is obtained.

BioTwin combines various health data with artificial intelligence to create personalized and comprehensive profiles that can improve wellness and healthcare decisions.

Bloop is the Quebec project of the French company Air Space Drone (ASD) which is developing an air traffic management solution for autonomous drones. Bloop wishes to extend to other autonomous vehicles by offering an on-board localization system on all types of vehicles making it possible to communicate traffic rules to autonomous vehicles and thus, view, control and remotely manage in real time the transport of tomorrow.

Cyberswat Group offers a personalized cybersecurity diagnostic solution whose primary goal is to enable SMEs to improve their security posture. As a risk management platform (SaaS), the solution provides customers with a maximum of recommendations that are easy and quick to implement as well as a cybersecurity action plan in adapted language.

DeLeaves designs and produces robotic devices there to perform aerial tasks in contact with the environment. Experts in aerial robotics, the team at DeLeaves has launched the first aerial tree sampling tool in 2020, which enables field scientists to reach previously unreachable canopy samples.

Dispo! is a mobile application that comes to the rescue of employers suffering the hard effects of the labor shortage. Entirely developed in Québec City, Dispo! connects employers from the restaurant, hotel, tourism and event industries with pre-qualified temporary employees, and takes care of everything right down to payroll processing.

DOmedic offers a web and mobile app running on a tablet that oversees the administration of medication in retirement homes (RH) and long term care facilities (LTC) of all kinds. xPill PRO used in RH-LTC by nurses and beneficiary attendants digitizes and secures the drug administration cycle by eliminating the very high risks of errors associated with the manual (and paper) process for multi-medication patients and residents. The xPill PRO tool is connected in real time with all community pharmacies in Quebec through a unique and secure interface.

Domely makes prevention simple, smart and profitable for commercial building owners. They make intelligent and proactive building management possible by leveraging artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Through their connected offering, Domely aim to create the largest building-level data network in Canada that will allow a better understanding of the impact of climate change on our infrastructures and will create positive levers for preventive actions.

Fika Productions is an independent video game studio with the mission to create good times by bringing people together. The studio is currently developing Ship of Fools, a cooperative roguelike game set in a nautical world, for which it has been the winner of the Grand final of the CATAPULTE 2020 program.

Elo's mission is to simplify mentoring for mentors and mentees as well as organizations and businesses. With the Elo mentoring platform, you can easily recruit and match participants, manage your mentoring program, and measure its performance. Elo provides a simple and intuitive experience for participants and managers.

Say hello to simplified mentoring. 

Founded in 2020, Equi-Go offers an online registration and equestrian competition management software allowing organizers and competitors to facilitate and save a lot of time during the events. In addition to being extremely precise, the platform makes it possible to meet the requirements of the biosecurity protocols required by equestrian federations.

Ethnocare develops a range of prosthetic products that use the latest technologies to significantly improve the comfort of amputees, allowing a reduction in heat as well as a personalized dimensional adjustment.

EzEats offers a SaaS solution that facilitates the operational process of restaurants in order to increase their profitability and efficiency.

GeoMate is a mapping service that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and geospatial technology to analyze near real-time safety and accessibility of cities. GeoMate provides safer local travel for everyone traveling by foot or wheelchair.

GPHY sets itself apart by developing innovative smart energy solutions. Their first technology developed, Elia, is a breakthrough technology in the field of wireless energy transfer.

HerbiaEra develop and commercialize horticultural innovations that allow homeowners with limited time, space and knowledge to grow effortlessly all year round. They promote HomeFarming through connected indoor planters, turnkey smart pod and a mobile application !

Hoodi develops digital products to facilitate the maintenance and upkeep of residential buildings, including the development of AI technologies to identify and inventory the elements of a property, its deficiencies and recommend interventions.

Invicto redesigned access control technology. Its system, overcoming the main challenges of the industry and standing out through increased security, offers user-friendliness in the management of users and permissions, and a light and optimized architecture that reduces drastically the acquisition and installation costs.

Keitas Systems commercializes Tempeus®, an aircraft maintenance monitoring portal that allows operators to follow their aircraft maintenance works in real time from their smartphone, at any time and regardless of the workshop’s location.

Through their information management and data visualization platform, KognitionS provide strategic information to organizations to help them make data-driven innovation decisions. Its mission is to help ecosystem builders  focusing their time on increasing their capacity for innovation and maximizing their impact.

MOS's mission is to design simple and unique products for sport and nature lovers looking for memorable adventures. This in mind, they designed their very first product: MOS Rack; a functional and practical car roof rack.

Nexus Robotics helps farmers by providing them an autonomous weeding solution integrating sensors and AI that significantly reduces herbicide use, eliminates weeding labour, and helps to improve yields.

Noos offers a unique SaaS solution for leveraging human intelligence through AI to promote and accelerate the achievement of objectives. Noos supports thinking and decision-making through a dynamic of continuous information and highly personalized monitoring, while proactively facilitating the sharing of knowledge and quality information and ensuring the capture of knowledge and sensemaking.

Octane technologies supports startups and large companies in the production and design of software and electronic prototypes that meet the technological challenges of their respective markets. Also, in order to help various players in the food and restaurant industry, Octane has developed a management collaboration platform, Conradd.

Omy has the desire to offer personalized facials adapted to the skin, in addition to prioritizing the well-being of customers through the use of natural ingredients. Using 3D skin analysis technology and the expertise of two seasoned cosmeticians, Omy offers you a world of possibilities. Choose effective, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly beauty products.

Proud Edtech since 2009, Optania has developed a proprietary artificial intelligence contextualized to the educational community to transform the student experience. Their technological solutions target 2 main aspects of educational perseverance: the detection of at-risk students and their active support, both academic and psychosocial.

RapidBar helps companies in the restaurant business to save time and money by optimizing the management of their supply chain.

Regeneau offers proprietary technology based on 100% renewable energies in the field of water heating for the multifamily housing segment.

Shapeshift 3D develops software that digitize and automate the customization of medical, protective and sports equipment to enable a new manufacturing era in which wearables are better at improving quality of life, more affordable, and produced sustainably.

Solugen was founded in 2015. Its team and partners are experts in designing, manufacturing and commercializing liquid waste treatment systems for the industrial and agriculture sectors. Solugen hopes to leverage its expertise to help industries move toward sustainable development and wants to position themselves as a world-class reference in the treatment of highly contaminated water. 

Their mission is to propose liquid waste treatment solutions to simplify wastewater management while revalorizing the contaminants. Their goal is to facilitate compliance with environmental standards, promote social acceptability, boost production and increase the profitability of activities of various industry sectors, including the agriculture sector.

Urban agriculture for indoor living spaces.
Systèmes VIREO is all about bringing people closer to nature through an ecological and sustainable approach. It’s about integrating urban agriculture to any civilian buildings and contributing to cities’ innovation for greener and modern spaces. Did you know we spend over 80% of our days indoor? A green and luminous hydroponic garden in a living, working or learning area, leads to wellness, healthier eating habits and eco-responsibility. IOT and AI give nature a new voice and make it part of our daily lives.

Weego offers Debtor Raptor, a web service that enables businesses to optimize and to simplify their accounts receivable management. It allows the replacement of numerous phone calls with simple and fast campaign of SMS and automated calls to their customers, to notify them about their due, expiring credit card and a lot more! 

Xpense is expense management software to make businesses agile in financial management. Xpense helps reduce the internal costs of processing financial transactions. Xpense makes it possible to simplify interactions with your accounting system while increasing the security of your information.


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