Mentorship programs

Take advantage of short-to-long-term expert mentorship to build your business on strong foundations or get equipped with the tools to succeed in crucial phases of your company’s development. LE CAMP definitely has a program to suit your needs!


Pre Start-Up

Mentor Validated Products (MVP) – Intensive Program

This intensive program aims to provide mentorship to tech companies in order to validate their start-up plan and structure their approach. Based on the Agile methodology, which is notably taught at Harvard and Stanford universities, this training program will help your idea flourish and grow quickly and efficiently.

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Consulting services

Are you leading a tech company and looking to ensure its launch or growth? LE CAMP’s high-tech entrepreneurship team can work with you and guide you towards the resources you need, including financing for tech start-up companies.

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FastTrac Program

FastTrac is a training, coaching and mentorship program targeting entrepreneurs from all high-tech sectors. The plan: to guide you through the validation process, assist in your business plan development and teach you concise and confident communication with investors, clients and partners. You will then be fully equipped to get the financial and operational resources you need to bring your project to life.

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Propulsion Program

Propulsion is a 12-month training and coaching program that aims to help your company’s quickly and sustainably reach its first million in revenues. It is the logical follow-up to our My Product Validation (MVP) and FastTrac® programs™.

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Softlanding – Choose Québec City for your startup

Do you run a tech company outside of Québec? Are you looking to expand into the area? LE CAMP can provide you with the infrastructure and services you need to integrate and accelerate your company’s growth in our region.

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