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We know how important it is to have an efficient and flawless supply chain. Do you have the right solution for yours or for the supply chain in a given market? Want to make artificial intelligence part of that solution? With Propulsion – SCALE AI, we help you develop innovative artificial intelligence technology and help you with commercialization.

This made-to-measure program gives you access to a variety of expert AI consultants and resources so you can validate your business model, protect your intellectual property, develop your technology, and get the financing you need to accelerate growth and take your business to the next level.   

Each business accepted to the program will have at least 300 hours of personalized coaching (up to a $70,000 value) over 1 year to get their business up and running or develop its product. 

Businesses must be in the validation phase and: 

  • Be based in Canada 
  • Be planning to add or optimize artificial intelligence (AI) in their supply chain projects (either directly in the company’s production operations or in products associated with improving supply in all sectors of activity) 
  • Be less than 2 years old OR 
  • Have less than 500 employees OR 
  • Have had an average annual revenue growth rate above 20% for the last 3 years 

The program helps businesses: 

  • Develop and integrate artificial intelligence in the supply chain 
  • Conduct artificial intelligence R&D 
  • Protect their intellectual property 
  • Seek financing for their AI projects 
  • Be sure they have a viable business model and clear communication strategy 
  • Develop and validate a workable value proposition in line with the needs of the market 

The program gives businesses access to: 

  • Technical expertise in artificial intelligence 
  • A technical and technological assessment of AI infrastructure and models 
  • Support from entrepreneurs in residence—successful entrepreneurs who own or have worked in comparable technology companies and communities of expertise 
  • Professional business services: management, legal services, administration, etc. 
  • High-level external consultants handpicked for the company’s needs and desired expertise 

Coaching also includes: 

  • Periodic meetings and follow-up on various aspects of the business 
  • Access to our spaces and meeting rooms 
  • Training, information, and networking activities 
  • Services and equipment from our partners (e.g., Microsoft, ROBIC, etc.) 
  • Any other coaching activities the LE CAMP team deems relevant 

The program lasts 9 to 12 months and includes regular meetings with the LE CAMP team and its network of expert and senior contacts, until the allotted hours are used up.  

*LE CAMP may suspend the program at any time if the business does not meet expectations. 

Selected businesses are entitled to 300 hours of personalized coaching (up to a $70,000 value) over 1 year to get their project up and running. 


15% of the value of the coaching


Read and download the Guide for Applicants (french only)

Key contact

Rosalie Simard
Principal advisor - Technology entrepreneurship
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