LE CAMP strategic partners provide much-needed support for the growth and support of technology product startups. LE CAMP is proud to be able to count on the support of our partners to energize the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem of Quebec City.

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An exclusive program to help develop your business and give you a 360° view of the business sector.

Now with a multi-disciplinary team of over 300 professionals, BCF is a reference in everything connected to business law.

BDC is the only bank exclusively dedicated to entrepreneurs. Its sole mission is to support Canadian entrepreneurship, especially small and medium enterprises. With over 110 business centres across the country, BDC provides financing solutions and advisory services in every sector.

Through the Service de développement économique, the City of Québec proposes several programs to foster innovation, promote the development of technology businesses, support the commercial valorization of research findings and facilitate the launch of innovative projects.

Desjardins Capital invests in the growth and longevity of Quebec’s businesses. Their goal is to provide support, resources and advice during the key stages of your growth.

Investissement Québec serves local businesses with the mission of contributing to Quebec’s economic development. Expansion, R&D projects, working capital... no matter your needs, Investissement Québec’s team has the financing solutions to help make your ambitions come true!

Founded in 1985, Microsoft Canada Co. helps individuals and businesses realize their full potential and empower them with unparalleled services, solutions and software.

Since its creation, the company has cultivated a philosophy of commercial sharing in a new philanthropic spirit that goes beyond simple financial donations.

The National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) is Canada's premier innovation assistance program for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is a vital component of the NRC, a cornerstone in Canada's innovation system, regarded world-wide as one of the best programs of its kind.

ROBIC is a firm that provides services on all aspects of intellectual property (IP). ROBIC primary purpose is addressing their clients’ IP and Business Law needs.

PwC is a one-stop shop for experts and in-depth knowledge of the tech sector. They also provide the opportunity to test your business plan, assess your technological risk, broaden your investment prospects and stimulate your business’s growth.

Founded in September 2011, TACT Intelligence-conseil is a company that was built by seasoned communicators with a desire to establish a consulting firm owned by Quebeckers. With offices in Montréal and Québec, TACT offers services in public relations and governmental affairs and employs more than 50 professionals.

Nexapp was founded in 2014 by 3 software developers with a mission in mind: to inspire the community with best practices in software development and thus raise the bar of quality in technology projects around us.

Go RH possède une vaste expertise dans plusieurs champs d’activités des ressources humaines. Que vous soyez en phase de démarrage, en forte croissance ou que vous désiriez maintenir le rythme actuel, notre équipe d’experts RH se fera un plaisir de vous guider et de vous proposer des solutions adaptées, personnalisées et performantes pour l’atteinte de vos objectifs d’affaires.

Anges Québec's mission is to contribute to the growth of Québec's companies of tomorrow by injecting value-added capital.


Our elite sherpas


This is a great example of a renowned and reputable family business. We all have a product from La Maison Orphée at home, in part thanks to the perseverance of its vice-president and supply manager, Élaine Bélanger. Vice president and supply manager at La Maison Orphée, Élaine’s 20-plus years of experience and expertise in the retail market are major assets in her role as an Elite Sherpa!


Even before the word “startup” was recognized and well received by Quebec’s business environment, Éric Bergeron was a champion of the field of technology. The dark beginnings of startup financing did not seem to be an obstacle for this man, who managed to secure several millions of dollars in venture capital. The founder of Optosecurity, Éric has built and managed an important work team to bring his business to another level. Nothing can stop him. He has recently launched FlyScan Systems.


LE CAMP, its campers and the business ecosystem in general are thrilled that Sylvain Cossette is adding his voice to the Elite Sherpa program! The president and CEO of Cominar, Sylvain Cossette joined the entreprise in 2013, contributing his 30-plus years of expertise in mergers and acquisitions, business financing and real estate investment trusts. These skills will surely make Sylvain a valuable Elite Sherpa.


The importance of developing a strong business culture is something that Mirego partner, president and CEO Albert Dang-Vu understands very well. This Elite Sherpa has set himself apart from other entrepreneurs through his innovative vision, his generosity, his ambition and his incredible ability to find simple solutions to complex problems. He is a great inspiration to us all, and we are thankful for his engagement in Québec City's entrepreneurial community.


We all want someone like Annie Fernandez in our organizations! We admire her drive and determination. After covering every sector of the news for 10 years at the Journal de Québec, she followed her entrepreneurship voice and founded her own communications firm. Passionate about strategy, her concrete and schematic approach make Annie an exceptional Elite Sherpa for our startups.


We all like to stay at the hotels from Groupe Germain Hôtels. These hotels make you feel right at home, in a classy environment with exceptional service. This is exactly the intention of Jean-Yves Germain, co-president of Groupe Germain Hôtels. He had a vision and never let it go, and we admire him for growing his business model in a field where competition is fierce. An Elite Sherpa who co-manages a business among Canada’s 50 best-managed companies, that’s something cool!


Those who know Jean Giroux understand what we mean when we say that he is a perfect example of a “bon vivant”! One thing is sure, we all would love to have a CEO like him! Optimistic and passionate, he gives a lot of thought to the well-being of his employees. Telopsis nothing short of a leader in the field of high-performance infrared cameras and hyperspectral imaging systems. This is no surprise, as Jean has over 25 years of experience in those sectors. He is also very generous of his time and is always happy to share his knowledge whenever he has the chance. And being an Elite Sherpa is a great way to do so !


He must have been a professional cyclist in another life! You might have crossed paths with Charles Guimont on one of the many biking trails across the province. Not only is he an avid cyclist, but he is also a real Web enthusiast. The president of O2Web, Charles had yet to finish school when he launched his first business in 2006. He is a role model for our young entrepreneurs! Growing his own business significantly over the past few years, this Elite Sherpa will give you precious advice on how to prepare for fast growth.


Québec City can boast about having the queen of production in the field of video games. Now, we can also brag about having her as one of our Elite Sherpa professionals! Valérie Hénaire has over 20 years of experience in the video game industry and has worked for SAGA, Ubisoft and Frima, among others. She knows production project management like the back of her hand. It is no surprise that Valérie gladly accepted our invitation to become an Elite Sherpa, as she is always happy to help and take part in projects for the betterment of the industry and her community.


Expect a lot of stories from Jean ! Former chief financial officer of Baan SCS—the supply-chain management solutions group of Baan—, co-founder of Taleo Corporation, chief financial officer of Coveo, a tennis, cycling and hockey enthusiast... the list goes on to describe Jean Lavigueur. With such a résumé, he will always have an anecdote to tell. His best assets as an Elite Sherpa? His experience and financial expertise. He is a pro at working with numbers, you won’t believe your eyes !


The sale of the family business MAAX did not deter Marie-France Poulin from pursuing entrepreneurship! Passionate and committed, she tries to share her passion for entrepreneurship through her various roles and functions and insists on the benefits that entrepreneurship creates for our businesses. Marie-France has sat on several managing committees like those of the Port of Québec, Hydro-Québec, the Laurentian Bank and Université Laval, adding significant value to her experience, which she will be able to share with Québec City’s entrepreneurs in her role as an Elite Sherpa !


The sale of the family business MAAX did not deter Marie-France Poulin from pursuing entrepreneurship ! Passionate and committed, she tries to share her passion for entrepreneurship through her various roles and functions and insists on the benefits that entrepreneurship creates for our businesses. Marie-France has sat on several managing committees like those of the Port of Québec, Hydro-Québec, the Laurentian Bank and Université Laval, adding significant value to her experience, which she will be able to share with Québec City’s entrepreneurs in her role as an Elite Sherpa !


The CEO and co-founder of TeraXion Alain-Jacques Simard is an avid traveller. He travels the world for TeraXion, and we can assure you that he knows quite a lot about international negotiations. This asset will come in handy in his role as an Elite Sherpa! Between two flights, he spends his time with his five children or outdoors golfing and fishing. Passionate about his field, he also completed the MIT’s Entrepreneurship Development Program in 2007. With Alain-Jacques, there are no problems, only solutions !


The president and chief technology officer of Coveo, Laurent Simoneau, is the person responsible for the credibility and notoriety of Coveo’s technology. His technical knowledge and experience in strategic planning will capture the attention of all our startups. A successful project, a bad move, or even the smallest of details: Laurent has an impressive memory and will remember just about anything. With a business mind like his, we are thrilled to have him aboard the Elite Sherpa program.


Working in IT and becoming a pioneer in Internet development and use, Jacques Topping was up to the task. If we told you that under his management, Groupe Informission has completed 9 mergers and acquisitions, developed a team of over 1,100 employees and projected annual sales of over 120 million dollars, you would be impressed, wouldn’t you? The president of MissionBis and the administrator of almost 30 organizations over the past 15 years, Jacques Topping is a seasoned investor who will no doubt give excellent advice in his role as en Elite Sherpa.


A visionary, Sébastien Vachon set up in the Saint-Roch district before it became Québec City’s technology and video hub. The president and founder of Korem Geospatial, he has entered into strategic alliances with over ten industry leaders, including Pitney Bowes, Here, Google, TomTom, Alteryx and Tableau. Korem Geospatial’s enviable reputation in North America is supported by a passionate entrepreneur who is profoundly involved in both the business community and the community at large.